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Your Traveling Adventure starts here

  • Ghana is different… refreshingly different! Feel the warmth, spontaneity and friendliness of Ghana. It has an enchanting wildlife, ranging from elephants marine turtles to crocodiles, as well as many colourful bird & butterflies.

  • With our private vehicles you can travel as you desire, make stops along the way and stay overnight where you wish. Flexibility and exploring are key!

  • With a private car you can freely explore remote villages, access isolated beaches, safari parks and other ‘must-see’ sights, such as Mole National park, the slave forts and castles, Kakum canopy bridges and rain forest, the waterfalls in the volta region, etc.

  • Our drivers are well experienced and frequently tour the country. They are familiar with the various local languages, hotels, guesthouses and restaurants along the way . They are ever ready to assist if needed

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We make your trip worth while and proudly offer a wide selection of vehicles, for personal as well as business use in Ghana.